​​​​​​​​​J E N N I F E R     H A R R I S O N     I L L U S T R A T ION

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The illustrations are stunning. So realistic as to be almost photographic, they augment and enhance the story. Close inspection of the pictures reveals the garment and button from each special person. The book design is also excellent, with illustrations of family members from the past placed on deckled backgrounds while the contemporary scenes are on white pages. Whether close-up portraits, wider scenes or small vignettes, the visual quality of the pictures in this book is excellent.T

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Jennifer Harrison’s stunning illustrations are so photograph-like that each person comes to life so the reader not only feels they know them better but is also transported back to memories of their own special people

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Jennifer Harrison’s illustrations are presented in breathtaking detail. They appear like photos blown up to page size.  Even the hairs on Oma’s arms are visible. Balanced with beautiful prose, and filled with stories of shared love and warm memories, powerful messages about the importance of what we leave behind for our loved ones to remember us by, fill every page.

Charming and full of beauty, this book will be loved by children, especially girls who have grandparents with whom they share a special relationship. 

​​ISBN-13: 978-0143786573

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Oma's Buttons:

A heartwarming story about the unique bond between a granddaughter and her grandma, celebrating family and precious shared memories