Kids Book Review
"Jennifer Harrison's exquisite illustrations are so three-dimensional, they look like  photos. Her attention to detail ignites the senses. It's as if Jennifer slipped into the backyard and took secret snapshots. Perhaps she did.

Olivia's Voice will be a timeless classic for many years, not only for anyone who knows a person who is profoundly deaf. Anyone who loves a heartfelt story about relationships or who could spend hours looking at extraordinary artwork will fall in love with Olivia's Voice."
The Children’s Book Council of Australia

"Jennifer Harrison’s illustrations are so life like they could almost be mistaken for photos. Her use of colour and perspective supports the story by providing snapshots of Olivia’s journey, whether that’s the reading of her friends’ faces, her drawings which represent her ideas, or the aspects of daily noise which don’t exist for Olivia. I appreciated the joy which was apparent in the illustrations as Olivia smiled and played with her friends, cuddled with her mum, or took notice of the world around her."

The Advertiser – Reviewed by Katherine England (4.5 out of 5 Stars)

"This beautiful book with it’s simple singing text and stunning photo realistic illustrations follow Olivia through her day."

Magpies Magazine - Reviewed by Tali Lavi

"Jennifer Harrison’s illustrations erupt from their pages. Some of her drawings are so precise they will have readers confounded to discover that they are not photo based…..  An outstanding image is that of a mottled gum tree looked at from below with dappled light and the movement of rosellas in its branches.."

Little Big Reads
"I literally had a small gasp and a large smile as the beautiful illustrations greeted me. From this moment I knew I was hooked, that beautiful beaming face that is Olivia, and the beautiful morning greeting the reader through the curtains. Each page saw the illustrations engaging me, the tall tree on the following page and more of Olivia’s smiles. The illustrations have had so much work put into them and are fully delightful.” 

Pip Siebert

"Absolutely beautiful illustrations! So realistic and capture the essence of the subjects respectfully & naturally."

​ISBN: 978-1925227192

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