​​​​​​​​​J E N N I F E R     H A R R I S O N     I L L U S T R A T ION

 In most art competitions and art societies pencil drawings are considered a lesser medium to oils or acrylic paintings.
 This ideal is reflected in the prize money categories. A lot of competitions don’t even include drawing as a category. 

A couple of years ago I walked into an art gallery to present my latest art work, I was asked by the gallery owner 
‘What on earth possessed me to use colour pencils? No one buys artwork done in colour pencils’ and I was quickly shoed away. This comment could have put me off but I loved the medium so much, I couldn’t let it go.

 I draw because I enjoy it. I draw for me, for the sheer fun of it. I relish the challenges of creating

colours & textures, light and shadows. I endeavour to elicit atmosphere, drama,

nostalgia or humour, expressions and emotions into my artwork.

 I draw nearly every day, often taking my box of pencils and my art pad with me, balancing the work precariously on my knees. Colour pencil artwork can be time consuming, with no tolerance for mistakes. Yet as I am working away on a drawing I become so absorbed the minutes disappear and the white page is transformed.